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The Main Causes of Hypothyroidism

When the thyroid produces insufficient amount of hormones in the human body, there will be an imbalance of chemical reactions that causes hypothyroidism. Though there may be many hypothyroidism causes, some the major causes of the disorder include:

Certain treatments for hyperthyroidism

Individuals who produce excessive amounts of thyroid hormone are habitually treated with anti-thyroid medicines or radioactive iodine to lessen and regularize the function of their thyroid. However, in some situations, the treatment to reduce the surplus production of thyroid hormone can cause permanent hypothyroidism.

Auto-immune diseaseHashimotoThyroiditis

People who have a particular inflammatory condition called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis may suffer from the most widespread cause of hypothyroidism. Auto-immune diseases happen when the immune system of the human body produces antibodies that attack the tissues in the body. Occasionally, this process also attacks the thyroid gland. Though there is no valid cause for the production of antibodies in the human body, it is supposed that a virus or bacterium may activate the response, or it may happen due to a genetic flaw. Whatever the reason, these antibodies prevent the thyroid from producing sufficient hormones and it results in hypothyroidism.

Thyroid surgery

One of the major hypothyroidism causes is the thyroid surgery. This surgery involves the removal of a large part of the thyroid gland or removal of the entire thyroid gland. This can reduce or stop the production of hormone in the human body and results in hypothyroidism. In that situation, the patient will need to take the thyroid hormone throughout his/her life.

Radiation treatment

The Radiation treatment is often offered to patients to treat cancers of the neck and head. This can also have an effect on the thyroid gland and it may show the way to hypothyroidism.

Medicineslithium medication

Several medications can be responsible to cause hypothyroidism in humans. One among such medicine is lithium, which is exercised to treat certain psychiatric conditions. If an individual takes this medicine without knowing that it will affect the thyroid gland, it may lead to hypothyroidism. So, it is always safe to discuss with a registered medical practitioner before taking medicine for any kind of disorders and knowing about its side effects.


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In addition to the major hypothyroidism causes, mentioned above, there are less frequent causes of this disorder that include:

Congenital infection

Some infants are born with an imperfect thyroid gland or without a thyroid gland. In the majority cases, the thyroid gland did not grow, usually for mysterious reasons, but some kids have an inborn form of the disorder. Habitually, newborns with congenital hypothyroidism come out at birth normally.


Women who are pregnant may develop hypothyroidism during or subsequent to their pregnancy. This is because they manufacture antibodies themselves in their individual thyroid gland. If it is not treated in time, the hypothyroidism may result in miscarriage.pituitary disorder

Pituitary disorder

This is one of the rare hypothyroidism causes, but the breakdown of the pituitary gland will prevent the manufacture of sufficient thyroid-stimulating hormone, which may result in hypothyroidism.

Iodine deficit

Iodine plays a vital part in the manufacture of hormones in the human body. When there is a deficiency in iodine in the body, naturally it prevents the thyroid gland from the manufacturing of hormones in the body, which is one of the hypothyroidism causes.

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